Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creator of Half-Life: Dark Legacy, (Part Two)

This is the final part of the interview taken today, rather than last month.
4:41 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Hello once again!
4:41 PM - Bioshift: Hey again, SFC.
4:42 PM - Bioshift: You might remember me as the guy who made The Bunker
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Yeah
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: ,which is why I'm here.
4:42 PM - Bioshift: Of course of the huge retcon of the mod.
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Yup.
4:43 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: So can you tell me what "Half-Life: Dark Legacy" is? How is it the same and different from The Bunker?
4:44 PM - Bioshift: Well, Dark Legacy is basically The Bunker though with a new splash of paint. By that, I don't mean doing the same shit as Activision and repackaging the same crapped up game year after year. What's different, most notably, is the mapping.
4:44 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Hmm, interesting.
4:45 PM - Bioshift: What is kept is the Reanimated Weapons, which I think made the original mod unique imo
4:45 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: You mean, ManTuna's amazing anims?
4:45 PM - Bioshift: Oh, hell yes.
4:45 PM - Bioshift: He's also done some anims for the AK-47 weapon
4:45 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Cool.
4:46 PM - Bioshift: The story is also remade and fleshed out more.
4:46 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Could you tell us abou the story?
4:46 PM - Bioshift: How about I just post the description instead? :3
4:46 PM - Bioshift: "In this fanmade story set one year before Half-Life 2, you play as Darren Vanguard, a Resistance member who, like many others, are occupying a Bunker built sometime before the Seven Hour War somewhere in the Eastern European Outlands.

You, along with nearly all of the Resistance, have heard rumors of an item, built during the Seven Hours of Humanity's Fall, which was to have been used to drive your oppressive overlords, The Combine, off of Earth. However, the scientists have either been killed, or turned into one of them. Months and months of searching have turned up nothing, but your friend and fellow Resistance figher Ryan Mitchell, found a hidden entrance to the sacred chambers. You awake to hear this news with much excitement, but little do you know the path to drive the enemy off of your planet will have you drowning in blood..."
4:47 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Exciting.
4:47 PM - Bioshift: Thank you.
4:48 PM - Bioshift: The change has so far gained positive comments. agent00kevin (Creator of NovaCor: The Fringe) has said the new name is much better than the original
4:49 PM - Bioshift: The mapping has also been recieved well
4:49 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Sounds nice.
4:49 PM - Bioshift: An example of the mapping can be seen here:
4:49 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: So, when can we expect "Dark Legacy" to hit our harddrives?
4:50 PM - Bioshift: When it's done, hopefully 2012 though nothing is set in stone.
4:50 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Alright, nice to talk to you again.

Take a look at Half:Life: Dark Energy and Bioshift's own page at ModDB now:

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