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Creator of Half-Life: Dark Legacy, (Part Two)

This is the final part of the interview taken today, rather than last month.
4:41 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Hello once again!
4:41 PM - Bioshift: Hey again, SFC.
4:42 PM - Bioshift: You might remember me as the guy who made The Bunker
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Yeah
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: ,which is why I'm here.
4:42 PM - Bioshift: Of course of the huge retcon of the mod.
4:42 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Yup.
4:43 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: So can you tell me what "Half-Life: Dark Legacy" is? How is it the same and different from The Bunker?
4:44 PM - Bioshift: Well, Dark Legacy is basically The Bunker though with a new splash of paint. By that, I don't mean doing the same shit as Activision and repackaging the same crapped up game year after year. What's different, most notably, is the mapping.
4:44 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Hmm, interesting.
4:45 PM - Bioshift: What is kept is the Reanimated Weapons, which I think made the original mod unique imo
4:45 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: You mean, ManTuna's amazing anims?
4:45 PM - Bioshift: Oh, hell yes.
4:45 PM - Bioshift: He's also done some anims for the AK-47 weapon
4:45 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Cool.
4:46 PM - Bioshift: The story is also remade and fleshed out more.
4:46 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Could you tell us abou the story?
4:46 PM - Bioshift: How about I just post the description instead? :3
4:46 PM - Bioshift: "In this fanmade story set one year before Half-Life 2, you play as Darren Vanguard, a Resistance member who, like many others, are occupying a Bunker built sometime before the Seven Hour War somewhere in the Eastern European Outlands.

You, along with nearly all of the Resistance, have heard rumors of an item, built during the Seven Hours of Humanity's Fall, which was to have been used to drive your oppressive overlords, The Combine, off of Earth. However, the scientists have either been killed, or turned into one of them. Months and months of searching have turned up nothing, but your friend and fellow Resistance figher Ryan Mitchell, found a hidden entrance to the sacred chambers. You awake to hear this news with much excitement, but little do you know the path to drive the enemy off of your planet will have you drowning in blood..."
4:47 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Exciting.
4:47 PM - Bioshift: Thank you.
4:48 PM - Bioshift: The change has so far gained positive comments. agent00kevin (Creator of NovaCor: The Fringe) has said the new name is much better than the original
4:49 PM - Bioshift: The mapping has also been recieved well
4:49 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Sounds nice.
4:49 PM - Bioshift: An example of the mapping can be seen here:
4:49 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: So, when can we expect "Dark Legacy" to hit our harddrives?
4:50 PM - Bioshift: When it's done, hopefully 2012 though nothing is set in stone.
4:50 PM - CmdrSFC Operation Fix BF3: Alright, nice to talk to you again.

Take a look at Half:Life: Dark Energy and Bioshift's own page at ModDB now:

Interview with The Bunker's Bioshift

This here is a interview with "The Bunker" creator and mapper Bioshift.

Bioshift: Hello.
CmdrSFC: Would you introduce yourself?
Bioshift: Sure, I am Bioshift; developer of the HL2: Episode Two mod The Bunker.
Bioshift: Also known as ajle9550 on moddb
CmdrSFC: Alright, can you tell us about your mod?
Bioshift: Absolutely, it takes place 1 year before Half-Life 2, set across the Eastern Outlands; but mainly inside a semi-abandoned Bunker.
CmdrSFC: Ah, I see. Go on.
Bioshift: You play as a Rebel fighter named Darren Vanguard trapped inside and need to escape and drive the Combine out since the aforementioned bunker contains secrets that could help the Resistance win their war
CmdrSFC: Sounds great!
Bioshift: Thank you :3
CmdrSFC: So, any release dates?
Bioshift: When it's done. Yes, I know people may start a riot, maybe get some torches, even fewer causing mass hysteria, and MAAAYBE 1% jumping off a cliff over that statement. But, mods take alot of time to work on. Even though Moddb seems to be filled with half-assed attempts at modding.
CmdrSFC: Ah, you mean troll mods correct?
Bioshift: Yep
Bioshift: lol
CmdrSFC: Any other mods in progress?
Bioshift: Not really. I have a few ideas running in my head, such as a Sci-Fi multiplayer mod named Novus Terra.
Bioshift: Latin for New Earth
Bioshift: Set in the year 2963.
CmdrSFC: Sounds interesting.
Bioshift: Thanks, it focuses on the war between two warring factions known as the Interplanetary Resistance and the United Worlds Federation.
Bioshift: God, I'm such a nerd about this stuff.
CmdrSFC: Heh. Anyways, are you betatesting any mods or part of any teams?
Bioshift: I'm not at liberty to say.
Bioshift: :/
CmdrSFC: Well, that's basically all I have to ask.
CmdrSFC: Anything you want to add?
Bioshift: Kids, don't drop the soap at Nova Prospekt. Seriously, my friend did and... Well, let's just say he holds a VERY deep grudge against a certain Combine Hunter...
Bioshift: That is all...
CmdrSFC: Heh.
CmdrSFC: Well, have a nice evening!
Bioshift: Thanks! The Bunker will be coming HOPEFULLY soon.
Bioshift: bai!

Stay tuned for "Part II" which is about the revised version, called Half:Life: Dark Legacy.

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The Revival

After a REALLLLLLLLLLLY long hiatus, I've returned to post some stuff. Stick around, we have interviews with "The Bunker" creator Bioshift, and more interviews coming soon.

So just wait and see!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Markworth interview

This guy is from FPSB, and make awesome Buggy replacements. I had a interview with him and here's what happened:

anon: hey
anon: uh
anon: I love your buggys
kusanaginohonoo: k thx
anon: but
anon: can I use one in a mod?
kusanaginohonoo: probably
anon: thank you.
kusanaginohonoo: needs credit and all that crap
anon: ah shoots.
anon: But, can i request a replacement for the buggy
anon: a train
kusanaginohonoo: lol...
anon: thats taking it too far isn't it?
kusanaginohonoo: The one train model available is astronomically huge compared to what can complete the driving segment.
anon: Ah'
kusanaginohonoo: It wouldn't really look good or be fun.
anon: that ambassador is weird.
kusanaginohonoo: why?
anon: uhhh
anon: uh
anon: its ok
anon: LOL
anon: Windows 95 for Steam
anon: nice steam skin.
kusanaginohonoo: thx
anon: Can I add you on Steam?
anon: my name is SFC3
kusanaginohonoo: sure
anon: Also I have a problem with your Alyxgun
anon: It uses the SMG1 sound... and I have a custom skin for the SMG1... so it sounds weird.
anon: SMG1 firing sound
anon: how can I change the firing sound to the pistol's?
kusanaginohonoo: edit the script
kusanaginohonoo: There's really no reason why anyone should have replaced the SMG1 burst sound. :/
anon: actually, i have a custom skin/sounds
kusanaginohonoo: As far as I know, the Alyxgun is the only gun in the game that uses that for anything.
anon: They removed the Burst sounds
anon: burst feature i mean
kusanaginohonoo: Oh shoot. I guess it's bound to smg1_fire1.wav
kusanaginohonoo: oh well
anon: O_O
anon: anyway, I added you to Steam
anon: lets talk there
kusanaginohonoo: I thought it used its own sound
anon: Oh. I can't find that Berretta skin for Elites
anon: On your YT
kusanaginohonoo: Should be on FPSB somewhere
anon: Also, If i used a custom skin with your Stupid Shotgun mod, will that work?
anon: i mean model
kusanaginohonoo: no
anon: Shoot. I was going to model a AA-12 and make it that.
kusanaginohonoo: If you can compile at all, it's pretty easy to make.
anon: I added you. name: SFC3
anon: I should have that Francis icon
anon: Anyway, I just wanted to ask you for permission.
anon: Nice skins/models/other things you made.
kusanaginohonoo: thx
anon: Oh and,
anon: can you make a Automated Pistol mod?
anon: Automatic Pistol
anon: like the Shotgun/Crossbow
kusanaginohonoo: I'm not really interested in doing another one of those. They're boring and I don't even think the pistol has hold to shoot feature.
anon: Well, thank you for the permission and i'll see you on Steam. THank you for your time,
anon: and can I post this
kusanaginohonoo: ?
anon: this interview on my HL blog
anon: i mean not interview but chat
kusanaginohonoo: umm...
kusanaginohonoo: Particular reason why?
anon: uh your a modeler and for this blog i talk about hl2/mods/ and games
kusanaginohonoo: lol...I've only modeled the car, computer case, and molotov.
anon: where are the molotov/computer case
kusanaginohonoo: Molotov is for SMOD, computer case is for CS:S
anon: oh the molotov
anon: i've seen that
anon: ooh
anon: that'll be a nice replacement for my PCMOD dell computer
anon: Thank you for talking to me. I
anon: I'll see you on Steam.
kusanaginohonoo: k
anon: Goodbye.
kusanaginohonoo: k bye

Look out for more of his mods here: