Thursday, November 3, 2011

Interview with The Bunker's Bioshift

This here is a interview with "The Bunker" creator and mapper Bioshift.

Bioshift: Hello.
CmdrSFC: Would you introduce yourself?
Bioshift: Sure, I am Bioshift; developer of the HL2: Episode Two mod The Bunker.
Bioshift: Also known as ajle9550 on moddb
CmdrSFC: Alright, can you tell us about your mod?
Bioshift: Absolutely, it takes place 1 year before Half-Life 2, set across the Eastern Outlands; but mainly inside a semi-abandoned Bunker.
CmdrSFC: Ah, I see. Go on.
Bioshift: You play as a Rebel fighter named Darren Vanguard trapped inside and need to escape and drive the Combine out since the aforementioned bunker contains secrets that could help the Resistance win their war
CmdrSFC: Sounds great!
Bioshift: Thank you :3
CmdrSFC: So, any release dates?
Bioshift: When it's done. Yes, I know people may start a riot, maybe get some torches, even fewer causing mass hysteria, and MAAAYBE 1% jumping off a cliff over that statement. But, mods take alot of time to work on. Even though Moddb seems to be filled with half-assed attempts at modding.
CmdrSFC: Ah, you mean troll mods correct?
Bioshift: Yep
Bioshift: lol
CmdrSFC: Any other mods in progress?
Bioshift: Not really. I have a few ideas running in my head, such as a Sci-Fi multiplayer mod named Novus Terra.
Bioshift: Latin for New Earth
Bioshift: Set in the year 2963.
CmdrSFC: Sounds interesting.
Bioshift: Thanks, it focuses on the war between two warring factions known as the Interplanetary Resistance and the United Worlds Federation.
Bioshift: God, I'm such a nerd about this stuff.
CmdrSFC: Heh. Anyways, are you betatesting any mods or part of any teams?
Bioshift: I'm not at liberty to say.
Bioshift: :/
CmdrSFC: Well, that's basically all I have to ask.
CmdrSFC: Anything you want to add?
Bioshift: Kids, don't drop the soap at Nova Prospekt. Seriously, my friend did and... Well, let's just say he holds a VERY deep grudge against a certain Combine Hunter...
Bioshift: That is all...
CmdrSFC: Heh.
CmdrSFC: Well, have a nice evening!
Bioshift: Thanks! The Bunker will be coming HOPEFULLY soon.
Bioshift: bai!

Stay tuned for "Part II" which is about the revised version, called Half:Life: Dark Legacy.

(also i posted without typing lol)

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