Sunday, January 17, 2010

Markworth interview

This guy is from FPSB, and make awesome Buggy replacements. I had a interview with him and here's what happened:

anon: hey
anon: uh
anon: I love your buggys
kusanaginohonoo: k thx
anon: but
anon: can I use one in a mod?
kusanaginohonoo: probably
anon: thank you.
kusanaginohonoo: needs credit and all that crap
anon: ah shoots.
anon: But, can i request a replacement for the buggy
anon: a train
kusanaginohonoo: lol...
anon: thats taking it too far isn't it?
kusanaginohonoo: The one train model available is astronomically huge compared to what can complete the driving segment.
anon: Ah'
kusanaginohonoo: It wouldn't really look good or be fun.
anon: that ambassador is weird.
kusanaginohonoo: why?
anon: uhhh
anon: uh
anon: its ok
anon: LOL
anon: Windows 95 for Steam
anon: nice steam skin.
kusanaginohonoo: thx
anon: Can I add you on Steam?
anon: my name is SFC3
kusanaginohonoo: sure
anon: Also I have a problem with your Alyxgun
anon: It uses the SMG1 sound... and I have a custom skin for the SMG1... so it sounds weird.
anon: SMG1 firing sound
anon: how can I change the firing sound to the pistol's?
kusanaginohonoo: edit the script
kusanaginohonoo: There's really no reason why anyone should have replaced the SMG1 burst sound. :/
anon: actually, i have a custom skin/sounds
kusanaginohonoo: As far as I know, the Alyxgun is the only gun in the game that uses that for anything.
anon: They removed the Burst sounds
anon: burst feature i mean
kusanaginohonoo: Oh shoot. I guess it's bound to smg1_fire1.wav
kusanaginohonoo: oh well
anon: O_O
anon: anyway, I added you to Steam
anon: lets talk there
kusanaginohonoo: I thought it used its own sound
anon: Oh. I can't find that Berretta skin for Elites
anon: On your YT
kusanaginohonoo: Should be on FPSB somewhere
anon: Also, If i used a custom skin with your Stupid Shotgun mod, will that work?
anon: i mean model
kusanaginohonoo: no
anon: Shoot. I was going to model a AA-12 and make it that.
kusanaginohonoo: If you can compile at all, it's pretty easy to make.
anon: I added you. name: SFC3
anon: I should have that Francis icon
anon: Anyway, I just wanted to ask you for permission.
anon: Nice skins/models/other things you made.
kusanaginohonoo: thx
anon: Oh and,
anon: can you make a Automated Pistol mod?
anon: Automatic Pistol
anon: like the Shotgun/Crossbow
kusanaginohonoo: I'm not really interested in doing another one of those. They're boring and I don't even think the pistol has hold to shoot feature.
anon: Well, thank you for the permission and i'll see you on Steam. THank you for your time,
anon: and can I post this
kusanaginohonoo: ?
anon: this interview on my HL blog
anon: i mean not interview but chat
kusanaginohonoo: umm...
kusanaginohonoo: Particular reason why?
anon: uh your a modeler and for this blog i talk about hl2/mods/ and games
kusanaginohonoo: lol...I've only modeled the car, computer case, and molotov.
anon: where are the molotov/computer case
kusanaginohonoo: Molotov is for SMOD, computer case is for CS:S
anon: oh the molotov
anon: i've seen that
anon: ooh
anon: that'll be a nice replacement for my PCMOD dell computer
anon: Thank you for talking to me. I
anon: I'll see you on Steam.
kusanaginohonoo: k
anon: Goodbye.
kusanaginohonoo: k bye

Look out for more of his mods here: